Kindness Scavenger Hunt

We are so excited to have had 61 kids participate in the Kindness Scavenger Hunt hosted by the United Way of Lamar County at Kid Safe Saturday. It was overwhelming to see the good character of the kids in attendance and their excitement over being courteous and kind to everyone they came across. Some great highlights from the day were that the doors were propped open, causing some conjection as the kids surrounded the one door that was closed, so they could acheive holding the door open for someone checkbox. Also, it was a delight to those at the table who were on the receiving end of the checkbox for giving someone a compliment. 

To be listed on the website and receive a coloring book, each child had to acheive five goals on their scavenger hunt:

  • Smile at a stranger
  • Give someone a compliment
  • Throw away a piece of litter
  • Hold the door open for someone
  • Let someone go before you in line

Here is a list of all the kids and their ages who participated. We had a range from 3 years old to 13 years old.

Aaron, Unknown Hannah, 10 Maddison, 10
Addy, 2 IahDani, 7 Madison, 12
Aniyah, 7 Jacee, 8 Malakai, 6
April, 9 Jailynn, 10 Marie, 5
Braden, 5 Jarrett, 9 Max, 6
Brayden, 4 Jasmine, 10 Michael, 7
Brionna, 4 Jaxon, 9 Nate, 7
Caeson, 4 Jazzlynn, 9 Nathan, 11
Cameron, 9 Jeremiah, 12 Nathan, 9
Cesaley, 5 Joseph, 13 Rino, 5
Chloe, 7 Kad, 3 Ryder, 5
Colynn, 4 Keller, 10 Rylee, 3
Cylee, 7 Kennedy, 8 Sam, 5
Dusty, 11 Kylee, 12 Saptyre, 8
Elora, 7 Lexi, 9 Tanner, 10
Emma, 10 Lorelei, 6 Trinity, 7
Emma, 9 Mackenzie, 9 Truman, 10
Evon, 8 Macy, 9 Zaiden, 6
Haidyn, 10 Maddie, 13 Zatariona, 8
Haley, 9    
Would your children be interested in joining a list of Scavenger Hunt winners? Just complete this form and return it to the United Way office.