Learning Together

Each session will be held from 9am-10am on the 3rd Tuesday of the month in the United Way of Lamar County offices at 2340 Lamar Avenue Paris, TX. Sessions will be available on Facebook Live as well from the UWLC Facebook page.

May 2017
One-Page Strategic Planning

Gone are the days of 150 page strategic plans that collect dust on the shelf. In this session, we will walk through an outcomes-driven strategic plan that can be completed on a single page for actionable and intentional steps toward accomplishing your organization’s mission.

Powerpoint is now available. 
Strategic Plan Template
Action Plan Template


June 2017
Budgets for Boards

In this session, we will discuss the need for transparency and accountability in creating and maintain annual budgets for your organization. We are all trying to squeeze as much as we can from each penny, but this session will give you insights on how to make your budget reflect your program need and impact as well as giving tips on teaching your board how to read and  understand your budget.

Powerpoint is now available.
onprofit Finance Fundamentals Webinar

July 2017
Volunteers: How to Get Them, How to Keep Them

There is a high demand in our community for both spur of the moment and long-term volunteers in a variety of opportunities and settings. This will be a panel discussion on best practices in recruitment and retention of volunteers specific to the needs and resources of our community.


August 2017
Grantwriting for Foundations

This session will walk through the four main components all of grants: developing an impactful needs statement, outcomes-driven program description, budgeting, and organizational information. This will focus both on the format for writing to private foundations and corporate giving programs and how to identify funding sources.


September 2017
Coaching as a Management Tool

This mentoring-type approach to management will work to build tomorrow’s non-profit leaders, develop key professional skills, and keep morale high in your organization. This is a proven technique in values-driven corporate environments and can be a building block to building the professionalism and expertise in our field.


October 2017
Right Message, Right People, Right Time, and in the Right Way

This session will walk the organization staff through which audiences they are trying to reach, what message are they trying to get across and what call to action they are trying to give. We will look at what ways are your communicating and engaging with those audiences and how do the audiences currently feel about your organization. You will leave with the steps to follow to do your own communications assessment and the framework to building a strong marketing component to support your strategic plan and mission.


November 2017
Building Effective Program Assessments
We will be bringing in a speaker who is a specialist in program evaluation to help bridge the gap between outcomes and program development. The discuss will center on the tools and methods currently available and how to build in both quantitative and qualitative measures into your existing programs.


December 2017
Community-Based Participatory Research
This panel discussion will include representation from organizations, the United Way of Lamar County, and academia. We will discuss the positive and negative aspects of partnering with academic partners to conduct CBPR in your community and how you can use the data collected to build and refine programs.

January 2018

Each of your clients and staff members has a unique story to tell about your organization, your mission, and your programs. This session will focus on how to collect and retell those stories for the highest impact. Also, we will look at which types of anecdotes are most effective at conveying your message.


February 2018
Building Committees

Each of our organizations depends on committees, whether it is board committee, community-wide coalitions, or volunteer event committees. This is an opportunity to learn how we can effectively approach building a committee, goal-setting, and management of the committee to attain success.


March 2018
How to become an expert in your field

From the bookkeeping to volunteer coordination to program development to fire safety, there are many various opportunities in our organizations to become an “expert” in a process or area of interest. We will provide tips and tricks to making yourself an expert and becoming a resource to your organization and to the community.


April 2018
What does advocacy really mean?

We will look at advocacy as a continuum, ranging from being a voice for your clients to effecting large-scale policy change. This program will address how to identify behaviors and strategies across the continuum and how to become a stronger advocate for change in the community.