My First United Way Campaign

Mon, 11/27/2017 - 11:03am -- hhimes

The past two and half months have been a whirlwind of activitiy here at the United Way of Lamar County.  I'm so happy and proud to say that we reached our 2018 Campaign Goal of $500,000! We reached this goal because of our dedicated volunteers who served as division chairs and co-chairs.  We reached this goal because of the committment of our loyal board members, especially our Campaign Chair and Board Vice President Robin Kennedy. We reached this goal because of incredible businesses and industries who were willing to take time out of their employees workday to run in-house United Way Campaigns.  We reached this goal because of our partner agencies who were willing to help us collect pledges and speak when asked.  But mainly we reached this goal because of the generosity of those who live in this community.

I believe that to run a successful United Way Campaign you have to believe in the mission of not just the United Way itself but the mision of each of the partner agencies.  It was such an honor to be able to go out into the community and speak to groups about the work that our partner agencies are doing.  They are feeding the hungry, sheltering the homeless, advocating for abused children, counseling those with substance abuse, providing safety for those facing domestic or sexual abuse, educating our youth, delivering food and companionship to the elderly and disabled, providing rental, utlity and medical assistance, and offering disaster relief when called.  The 23 partner agencies of the United Way of Lamar County are doing important and necessary work to make our community strong.  

To everyone who donated to the 2018 United Way Campaign, I say "Thank You."  You are making a real difference right here in our community.  If you have not yet donated or pledged, it is not too late.  You can certainly still be a part of our campaign.  And if you decided not to donate to the United Way this year, that's okay too.  But I encourage you to keep you money local.  The concept of "give where you live" doesn't only apply to the United Way, but is an effective way to ensure that charitable dollars are being used appropriately.  When you mail a check outside of Lamar County, you cannot reasonably expect to see the impact of your donation.  At the United Way of Lamar County, we not only "give where we live" and directly support 23 partner agencies here in Lamar County, but we actively monitor those dollars.  

I'm happy to say my first United Way Campaign is behind me, but I'm already looking forward to next year's Campaign!

Jenny Wilson

Executive Director, United Way of Lamar County